Jennifer Lopez (JLO)
July 24,1969
New York,US
Actress , Singer , Model

Jennifer Lopez Biography

Jennifer Lynn Lopez (known as Jennifer Lopez) was born on July 24,1969 in New york city , New York , US.

Her Nickname is JLO.Her father was David Lopez and Mother was Guadalupe Rodriguez.

The family was not rich. Five people lived in a small apartment. A few years later they finally moved to a house. Guadeloupe brought up young ladies with a sense of taste and elegant manners. Girls were forbidden to walk for a long time in the street, and they were supposed to be at home at night. Their mother also tried to develop talents in her children.

When little Jennifer was 5 years old, she attended singing and dancing lessons, which helped her a lot in future. In order to protect her daughter from the negative influence, Jennifer’s mother sent the future actress and singer to a Catholic school, where she continued to sing in the choir. Moreover, Lopez participated in school plays and performed it with her sisters at home.

The young singer also achieved considerable success in sports: she attended gymnastics, performed at national competitions in running and was a member of the school softball team. Alas, her family did not see her as a show business star. Her mother believed that Jennifer should become a professional lawyer.


At the beginning of her career, Jennifer Lopez was a dancer in the cinema. But she became famous as a singer. The girl dreamed to prove that she was talented in everything, including music, and she more than succeeded.

In her final year at school, Lopez successfully passed the casting into the low-budget film "My Little Girl". The film was not successful, but she gave the young actress a dream. Since that moment, Jennifer wanted to become a famous actress. Then she entered The College of Law but left her studies few semesters later. The girl tried to explain to her parents that she dreams of becoming an actress. Instead of support, she heard accusations of stupidity and the fact that not a single Latin American could become famous in Hollywood.

Jennifer even left home, renting a small apartment in Manhattan. The actress got a job in a law firm, and at night she worked as a dancer. During the same period, she took an active part in musicals, like "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Oklahoma!" There the talented girl was noticed and invited to the choir "Golden Musicals of Broadway", which for almost half a year toured Europe. However, participation in it quite disappointed the singer: she was the only one in the whole choir who did not have a solo part.

The first films starring Jennifer Lopez were not very successful. Almost all of them were associated with the dance talents of the actress. Her first permanent work on television was the show "Bright Colors". One of the dancers couldn’t participate in the project and Lopez took her place. 2 years later, Jennifer announced her desire to become an actress and left the show.
In 1993, the actress received the first invitation to star in the movie "Lost in the wilderness," which was released for home viewing. Nevertheless, for the actress, this film was the next step on the way to her dream, and she finally moved away from music and dance projects, taking part in the drama for the first time.

Lopez made her debut in the film "My Family". For the role of the young Mary she even received her first nomination. But the next films with Jennifer were unsuccessful. Their box office fees only slightly exceeded the budget and did not interest the viewer.

The first real success of the actress was the film "Selena". Despite the fact that the film was shot by the same director who previously created "My Family", the actress had to go through a long and tedious casting. The screen version of the biography of the singer Selena allowed the actress to fully express her stage talents, which shocked critics who had previously been very skeptical of the actress.

Jennifer Lopez Net worth

Her net worth announced about 320Million US Dollars.

Spouse (3)

Ojani Noa (1997-1998)

Cris Judd (2001-2003)

Marc Anthony (2004)


Maximilian David Muniz

Emme Maribel Muniz

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